Smooth Matte Top Coat

Smooth Matte Top Coat

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For that Velvety Smooth Matte finish every time!

Use with our Mini UV LED Lamp

Recommended drying time: 60-90 seconds

To apply:

1 Apply a layer of top coat over your nail wrap. Cap it off by brushing a layer at the front tip of your nail for a lasting finish.

2 Cure it under the UV LED Lamp for 60-90 seconds (longer for thicker/multiple coats).

3 Repeat the process again.

Did we mention it is a peel off formula? And on top of that, our top coat can also be used as a base coat! Apply a layer under your nail wrap to even out those bumps for a smoother finish! It will also act as a protective layer to prevent the adhesive from damaging your nail when removing the nail wrap. 

To remove:

1 Soak fingers in warm water for 5-10mins

2 Gently push the nail wrap from the base of the nail with the cuticle pusher and roll off the nail wrap and top coat together. No acetone required, brilliant right?


1 Our top coats are gel based and requires UV LED light to cure. It will NOT dry if not used with the a UV LED Lamp.

2 Avoid exposure to direct sunlight