Tips & Tricks

  1. Fingers should be clean, dry and oil free. Avoid using moisturiser/lotion before putting on nailwrap. 
  2. Select a nail wrap that fits or one that is slightly smaller than your nail bed.
  3. It is best to put on the nail wrap after shower as we recommend not to get in contact with water for at least an hour after application for the adhesive to set properly.
  4. Avoid sticking the nailwrap on your cuticles or skin. This will cause the nail wrap to flip up and fall off easily.
  5. Make sure to file the access nail wraps in one direction downwards. Filing it back and forth or at and angle will cause jagged edges. A mini file is provided in every nail wrap packet, you can use it for this step.
  6. Push out all the air bubbles and make sure the nail wrap is properly stuck on, especially at all the edges of the nail bed. This will prevent water to seep in which will cause the nail wrap to fall off easily. A mini cuticle stick is provided in every nail wrap packet, you can use also use it for this step.
  7. Our nail wraps can be used on their own but we recommend to apply a layer of top coat over the nail wrap. Try our peel off High Gloss Top Coat and Smooth Matte Top Coat for that perfect, long lasting finish. 
  8. Most top coats work on our nailwrap except/not limited to: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat, The Face Shop Repair Nails Quick Top Coat, Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat, Innisfree, Etude House, Essence Extreme Shine Top Coat and Muji Top Coat. A non compatible top coat will shrink the nailwrap!
  9. Our top coats are gel based, you will need a UV LED lamp to cure them. Try our mini UV LED lamp which has 2 time settings. Press on button lightly for 45sec and press and hold for 60sec (recommended time setting).
  10. Based on customer feedbacks, we do not recommend handheld UV lamp sanitiser, do use a proper UV LED lamp for nails as they are not the same. UV lamp sanitisers are too strong and will cause the gel top coat to crack and wrinkle up.
  11. Cut the tips into half to maximise your use of the nail wraps. Left over nail wraps can also be used to mix and match with other designs.
  12. Our top coats can also be used as a base coat! We love to apply a thin layer before putting on the nailwraps as an added layer of protection to our nails! 
  13. We recommend smaller design patterns for short nails or smaller nail beds.
  14. We recommend to do the thumb last when putting on the nail wraps! 
  15. We recommend to remove the nail wraps after a max of 14 days use and take a 1-2 days break in between. Your nails need to breathe and rest! Apply some moisturiser or oil to maintain healthy nails.
  16. For removal of nail wraps, soak your fingers in warm water for 8-10mins and peel them off gently. This is important as the adhesive on the nail wraps are fairly strong to ensure they do not come of easily. Therefore, you may damage your nails if the nail wraps are peeled off forcefully.